World of mouth

Why social media?

Social media are everywhere. They're ubiquitous in our everyday life. They're part of it. We must use them as much as possible and on a efficient way. Here are some elements that will help you to understand how social media communication works.


Social media is a great way to do business and to attract new customers. It changes the way people think, act and live. The main goal of social media, for a company is to build a real relationship with customers. 

Forget the old "word of mouth" let's do it in a new way ! World of mouth, this is it ! No more message degradation, it doesn't lose content and meaning anymore. The social medias takes the WOM to another level. It becomes worldwide.
One of the biggest benefits of social medias is enabling people to stay in contact with friends, family but also with companies and brands they like. 

In less than 3 years, it became the most popular activity on the web. This popularity is due to its capacity to avoid information indigestion. At first, it could seems counterintuitive, but... no. Even if these new medias are producing more content, we're not lost among all the information anymore because it's content based on our interests. As simple as that. It is generating a natural market fragmentation, based on what we like.

As human, we need to be connected, but also accepted by the people around us. Social medias are an easy solution for everyone.

Despite all these facts, 70% of big companies have still no presence on social media.